2018 End Of Year Giving Goal

To continue our mission to challenge, develop, and prepare men for a life of perseverance, it will require significant financial support from dedicated partners. As we enter the final few months of 2018, we are asking our supporters to consider a significant financial investment or giving commitment to help us reach our 2018 Giving Goal of $150,000.

Here is how those funds would be used

  • $20,000 to complete our 2018 operating budget responsibilities

  • $60,000 to fully fund our entire 2019 Manhood Academy Summer Camps

  • $40,000 to launch and fully fund our new 2019 Manhood Academy Weekend Camps

  • $30,000 to launch and fully fund our Manhood Academy 2.0 Program which would allow us to begin offering year-round impact opportunities

We are incredibly excited about the impact that this campaign would allow us to make to finish 2018 and begin the year fully funding our 2019 camps and new programs. But it will take all of us committing to invest in the mission of Camp Down Range.

Corporate & Foundation Sponsorships are available if you are interested in learning how you might gain exposure while partnering with us to accomplish our mission. Please use the buttons provided below to Support The Mission!

Hang Tough, Always Fight

Make the Jump!

CJ Stewart
Executive Director

Support The Mission

We rely on the financial support of generous supporters to accomplish our mission. Our 3 support programs are Academy Allies, Business Sponsors, and Men of Valor.

Academy Allies

We are building an army of supporters who believe in our mission. To take part in this great battle for the lives of the next generation, you can join us in the fight today by signing up to become an ‘Academy Ally’ that contributes $30 a month. For just a $1 a day, you can partner with us to change the trajectory of a young man’s life. Click the button below to sign-up now.

Business sponsor

Our Business Sponsors sustain our efforts through significant financial investments in our work. To acknowledge their support, we feature them year-round on our property, as well as showcasing them as a top tier sponsor at all our fundraising programs for the calendar year. Click the button below for us to contact you directly about business sponsor opportunities.

men of valor

Courage at any level is admirable. Valor, which is defined as “courage in the face of danger,” is rarely displayed in our society today, but when it is, the impact is life-altering for all who witness it.

The Manhood Academy has been influential in the lives of nearly 300 young men over the past 4 summers. With the need evolving, we are expanding the Manhood Academy to not only include Summer Sessions, but also Alumni Weekends and our Manhood 2.0 Training.

Our vision for the Manhood Academy is to see driven men make a kingdom impact. In doing this, we want to engage the men that have financially backed our program to help train the next generation. We want to invite you to not only contribute to this mission financially using the buttons below, but also personally with your time, energy, and skills on-site at the Manhood Academy. You can step into in the fight today by clicking a button below and becoming a Man of Valor.