To challenge, develop, and prepare men for a life of perseverance.
— Mission Statement

What does Down Range mean?

Down Range is the term used in the military meaning deployment overseas, usually in a combat zone. Prior to arriving overseas for their mission, soldiers spend months training and preparing for scenarios they will encounter. Once Down Range, soldiers are reliant on their previous training and their teammates fighting alongside them. While deployed, soldiers are compelled to learn characteristics about themselves and their fellow soldiers.

Each of us go Down Range every time we leave our homes whether we realize it or not. Our staff at Camp Down Range teach participants that they can overcome anything in life with the right attitude, character, and faith. Participants in Camp Down Range programs learn, develop, and apply life skills through challenging exercises and activities that require them to learn more about themselves and to trust those around them. 

Down Range uses our personal stories of struggle, failure, and success to give hope to those searching for it.

But the heartbeat of Camp Down Range is our Manhood Academy