Manhood Academy

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First, we want to explain what you are signing yourself up for, so that you come mentally, physically and spiritually prepared to be tested in many ways. Our Manhood Academy mission is to challenge young men to overcome the difficulties of life by testing them in a tough environment. We want to help equip you for anything life throws your way in the future. We utilize competition, military obstacles, target shooting, tactical shooting and scenario paintball to create high-stress environments, giving you a chance to apply the concepts you’ll learn out here.

The heart of Down Range, the Manhood Academy offers a small group setting for boys, teens and men to come together as a team and be mentally and physically challenged. Participants will learn to push themselves and their teammates to the limits. These challenges intentionally serve a much higher purpose than just physical tests. They exist to create an opportunity to teach wisdom and truth that is applicable to one’s daily challenges and within one’s spiritual journey.



Groups will be categorized in teams based on their specific season of life for a long-weekend mission that will help guide them along God’s path to manhood. Each group’s focus will be based on age-appropriate battles young men face. Each group will focus on biblical characteristics all men need:

  • Grit
    Once a mission is selected, this is how much, and for how long you are willing to endure the challenges of the journey.
  • Ownership
    The big brother of responsibility. If a man is going to live a life of purpose and fulfillment it is up to him, and him alone, to do his part. Depending on someone else or blaming others will only lead you to the destination of an unfulfilled life.
  • Service
    Life is not about you and at the end of the day, the most value and significance you will have in this life is working in a cause that is greater than yourself, for the greater good.
  • Code
    Life is going to be challenging until the day you die and if you want to succeed in navigating it, you must have a guide that will not only give you direction, but also provide you strength when life gets difficult.

What will make you successful in your squad at Manhood Academy?

Humility, effort, willingness to try new things, having a team-perspective

What will make this experience especially difficult for you and your squad at Manhood Academy?

Pride, lack of effort, unwillingness to get out of your comfort zone, not being teachable

YOU have the ability to dictate how Manhood Academy affects you for the future. We hope that you are willing to challenge yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually – because if you do, you have the opportunity to change the course of your life! We look forward to spending the weekend with you!

Registration begins March 15th and will close on April 15th , 2017. We will assign participants to camps based on requested timeframes and strengths of participants to most effectively serve the group in entirety. Each camp has 18 available spots. We are requesting a 50% deposit once your participant has been assigned to your respective camp.

Hear more about Manhood Academy from CJ and young men who’ve completed the program:

 Stay tuned for more information and online registration.